Knight Party Game Ideas

Boy in costume with toy sword

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If your child wants a knight-themed party to celebrate a birthday or special occasion, keep the guests engaged with an assortment of active and quiet games that evoke the feel of Camelot. Provide the winners prizes such as plastic building block sets featuring plastic knight figurines, knight-themed books or T-shirts printed with images of knights, swords and dragons.

Slay the Dragon

See which knight can knock over the most dragons in a simple throwing game. Place dragon stickers sold at scrapbooking or craft stores on 10 to 15 empty plastic water bottles. Line the bottles up along a wall, table or curb, spaced 6 to 12 inches apart. Give the first player three to five bean bags, foam balls or balls of aluminum foil. Time each player to see who can knock down all of the “dragons” in the shortest amount of time or who can knock down the most dragons in three to five throws.

Save the Princess

Enlist the knights in shining armor to “rescue” the princesses hidden throughout the house. Place princess stickers around the rooms in your house—hide at least 10 to 20 stickers per player to give each guest ample chances to find some. Start the knight game by giving each player a piece of paper featuring a castle clip art image. Let the children loose throughout the house and see which child can find the most princess stickers and place them on his castle in one minute.

Sword in the Stone

Give a simple balloon game a knight-themed twist. Place a sword die cut sold at scrapbooking or craft stores inside a gray balloon. Inflate the balloon, along with 20 to 30 additional gray balloons. Spread the balloons out over a wide area, such as a driveway, backyard or living room. When the game begins, the players must stomp on the balloons to pop them. Give the player who pops the balloon with the sword a prize such as a toy sword or a dragon stuffed animal. If you worry about the kids stepping on each other’s feet, require them to sit on the balloons to pop them instead.

Dragon Tails

Organize a party activity for younger guests based on Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Enlarge a clip art image of a dragon on a color copy machine and affix it to a wall with temporary adhesive. Give each player a piece of green card stock cut into a dragon tail shape. Blindfold the first player and spin her around three times before pointing her in the direction of the dragon poster. Once she touches the poster with the tail, affix the tail with a piece of tape and write her name on the it. Give a prize to the three players who get closest to the target.