Sunday School Games for 4 Year Olds

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Make church fun with Bible games for a 4-year old Sunday School class. Children respond well to interactive games and lessons. Bible lecture and coloring sheets often become stale and commonplace. Most 4-year-old children can't read on their own, so making lessons interesting for them is key. Get the kids out of their chairs and teach them some fun games.

Noah's Ark Hide and Seek

Much like the classic game of hide and seek, you can play Noah's Ark Hide and Seek during Sunday School. After teaching a Noah's Ark lesson, tell the students that you have hidden sets of two miniature stuffed animals throughout the room. They will have to think hard to find them. Children feel a sense of accomplishment when they find things and will scour the class for the animals. Have the kids bring them to a cardboard ark and park them while they look for more. By the end, all of the animals will be lined up two-by-two outside of the ark.

Bean Bag Thanks

Play Bean Bag Thanks with the children as a cool down activity. This game is calm and low key and would be an ideal game to end the Sunday School class. Have the students sit in a circle with their legs crossed. Start by saying what you thank God for and toss the bean bag to a student. He will thank God for something and toss it to another child. Encourage the students to let everyone have a turn by passing the bean bag equally and not to one friend over and over. Share the responses with the parents when they pick the kids up from class.

Pin the Rock on Goliath

David and Goliath become interactive in a safe and friendly way with Pin the Rock on Goliath. After teaching the David and Goliath lesson, have the students line up. Place a poster or draw on the board a representation of Goliath. Give each student a construction paper "rock" with tape on the back. Blindfold the first child in line and have him attempt to place the rock on Goliath's forehead. Goliath was a giant so make sure the students have to reach a little to get the rock on the image. Let each child have a turn, and give a small prize to the student who was closest.

Flying Doves

Flying Doves can be played the week after Noah's Hide and Seek. The game is based on Noah sending out the white dove. You will need to bring in a small branch with leaves. Explain to the students the branch is like the one the dove brought back to Noah. Tell the students to close their eyes as you hide the branch somewhere. Hide the branch where the kids will not find it. Tell them to open their eyes, flap their wings (their arms), and fly around looking for the branch. Noah has let the dove fly out to look for dry land and they are the dove. Let them look for a good while. Tell them to return to the ark and rest. Instruct the students to again close their eyes. Hide the branch in an easier spot for them to find. Ask them to open their eyes again. Tell the class that Noah is sending the dove out again to find dry land and to flap their wings to find the branch. The children will find the branch just like the dove in the story.