Youth Christian Devotion Activities

Teaching young people at church or in a youth group can be fun for the teacher and the students. Young people learn by doing and by hearing object lessons. The point you are trying to make will stick in their minds if they have an activity to associate it with. Using some of these activities for your next devotional will show them how they can learn and be a blessing to others.


Pass out 3-by-5 cards and pens. Tell the youth to write a sentence describing a bad experience they had. Ask one or two of them to share what they have written on the card, if they are comfortable doing so.

Explain to them how each experience we have shapes the person we are. Tell them they can use even these bad experiences to help someone else, especially someone who may be going through a similar situation.


Write down the names of everyone present on small scraps of paper. Put these in a basket, and pass the basket around. Tell each young person to take one, but not let others see it. They cannot choose their own name.

Give each person a 3-by-5 card and a pencil. Tell him to write a description of the person whose name he drew. When everyone has finished, collect all the cards. Read the cards out loud, and see if people can figure out whom it is describing. Ask that person if it is a fair assessment.

Explain to the young people that people see what’s on the outside, but God sees us for who we truly are on the inside.

Lead the Blind

Hide an object in the room before the young people come to class. Blindfold one of the students. Tell her what the hidden object is. Tell her to find the object without direction from anyone else in the room. Put a blindfold on a second volunteer. Hide the object again. Have a third student volunteer to give the blindfolded student directions to find the hidden object.

Explain to the students that while we are living in this world we are blind without Christ. When we accept Christ as our Savior, we have the Bible and other Christians to help lead us. We still may not be able to see everything, but we will have direction.