Christian Fellowship Activity Games

People singing in church

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Gathering church members for fellowship activities is a fine way to encourage people in the congregation to meet and build relationships. Games provide an opportunity to break down the walls of awkwardness. They allow each person the freedom to feel free to be goofy and comfortable. Once people interact with one another in an activity game, she will be more prone to talk and share personal information. Creating activity games around the faith will also strengthen everyone’s knowledge of the Bible and Christianity.

Bible Trivia

Separate the group into teams that can compete with each other using Bible trivia. Have the teams sit at different tables. Ask a question publicly and have each table talk among themselves to decide on a common answer. Have each table write down the answer on a large piece of paper. Give a set amount of time to write down their answers. At the end of the time, ask each team to reveal the answer they’ve chosen. Keep a running tally of points and give a reward to the team with the most correct answers.

Bible Charades

Charades gets people involved and active. When people arrive at the function, give them a small envelop that has a word in it that he will have to act out. Encourage everyone to get involved--most people need a little help getting out of their shell. Allowing people to be goofy in front of one another can break down many walls and open up communication.

Question Game

Create a sheet of paper that has 10 to 15 questions on it beginning with, “have you ever?” List different ideas that relate to Christianity such as, “Have you ever fallen asleep praying,” “Have you ever been on a mission trip” or “Have you memorized a chapter from the Bible.” Hand out the paper to everyone in the room and then have each person go from person to person asking these questions. If a person has completed the questions in her lifetime, she can sign off on the question. Once all of the questions are complete, that person is the winner.