Games for an Adult Women's Party

Jessica Isaac/Demand Media

If you want to get some female friends together for a night of socializing, there are a variety of games you can play. Some of these games involve items that women might normally carry in their purse. Others will give partygoers an opportunity to share information about themselves.

Handbag Bingo

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Create a preprinted five-by-five grid before your guests arrive and hand one grid to each guest as she enters the party. Once all of the guests have their grids, ask each of the women to write down 25 items that are in her purse. Next, hand each of the guests 25 small squares of paper and ask each guest to write those 25 items again, one on each paper square.

Mix everyone's squares in a large bowl. Draw one square at a time and announce it out loud. Any woman in the room with that item on her bingo grid may cross that square off. (Duplicates are likely to be pulled from the bowl, as it is likely that several women had the same items in their purses). The first player to complete a line horizontally, vertically or diagonally on her bingo card is the winner.

Friendship Game

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Pair up the women at the party and allow them to tell each other about themselves for 10 to 20 minutes. After that time, present all of your guests with a list of 10 questions that they must answer about themselves. (Sample questions could include favorite foods, hobbies, crafts or colors.) Collect the answer sheets. Then ask each woman to answer the same 10 questions about the woman that she was paired up with. The pair that gets the most correct answers is the winning team.

Cards and Stories

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To play the game of cards and stories, remove all of the cards from the six through the king in a standard 52-card playing deck. This will leave the aces and twos through fives in the deck. Shuffle these cards and place them on a table where everyone at the party can reach them. Sit in a circle and choose one player to go first. She must draw a card. That card will tell her how many facts she must tell the rest of the group about herself.

These facts can be any that the woman drawing the card chooses, or they can be dictated by the suit. Hearts could require her to tell facts about her love life. Spades could require stories to be told about her childhood. Diamonds could involve stories about items she has spent money on, and clubs could require facts about her social life.