Valentine Party Game Ideas

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So you are having a party with some of your adult friends for Valentines. Organizing games will break the ice between people just meeting one other. These activities will also make singles feel more included amongst the couples in the room or rekindle passion between those in love. Your Valentine's party will be remembered by the games you organize.

Couples' Quiz

This game, recommended by Diva Girl Parties and Stuff, can be played at a party for couples or singles. The couples version involves the host asking questions to see how well partners know each other. Each member of a couple has a piece of paper. The host asks a series of questions like "If your girlfriend could be any famous person, who would she be?" In this case, her partner would write an answer down about his girlfriend, and his girlfriend would write an answer about herself. The host should alternate questions pertaining to both members of the couple and ask common questions like "Where did you first meet?". At the end of the round, couples compare answers as a group. The couple that has the most common answers wins. For the singles version, pick one friend per round to be the subject of questioning.

Paper Dance

This game, suggested by Indobase, can be played at a party with couples, singles or both. Write each guest's name on a scrap of paper. Place half of the names in one hat and half in another. Draw a name from each hat. These two guests are the first contestants for the paper dance game. Lay out a piece of paper four feet by four feet in size. Play a song on the stereo and the contestants must start dancing on the sheet of paper. Every 30 seconds fold the paper in half. Keep on folding the paper until one contestant falls off the paper. Alternatively, all participants can be matched with another player and dance on paper at the same time. The last couple standing wins.

Famous Couples

Make a list of famous couples, like Kermit and Miss Piggy or Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Think of one couple for every two guests you're inviting to your party. Write each couple's name separately on a piece of paper. To start the game, stick a name to the back of each participant. Players must first guess what name is on their back by asking others yes or no questions. Once a player determines "who he is," he must search for his famous partner (See References 3).

Pass the Spaghetti

For a romantic icebreaker or a group that is comfortable with one another, play the Pass the Spaghetti game. Participants sit in a circle and pass a piece of dry spaghetti to each other only using their mouths. The idea is that the spaghetti eventually gets shorter as participants accidentally or purposefully take little bites (See References 4).