Fun Games to Play With Your Girlfriend Over the Phone

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Whether you are in a long-distance relationship or just don't have much time together, communication is valuable for relationships, and talking over the phone is one of the best ways to help your relationship develop. Even though chitchat with your other half is important, it can sometimes get repetitive and dull. Spice up your conversation with some fun games perfect for playing with your girlfriend over the phone.

21 Questions

This popular speaking game is ideal for playing with your girlfriend over the phone. Often when people play this game they are inspired by objects around them, so playing over the phone where the one person cannot see what the other can see makes it more difficult and exciting. You simply think of a person or object and your girlfriend must guess what or who it is by asking 21 questions or less. If she cannot guess it in 21 questions, she loses. Then switch the guesser.

Name That Tune

This game is perfect for music lovers. It is a fun way of getting to know each other's music tastes and for you to find out more about your girlfriend. Hum a few bars of a song and get her to guess the artist and the name of the song. Alternatively, you could speak the lyrics of the song and have her try to name the song.

ABC Game

Test both of your memories with the fun ABC game. Start with the letter A and take turns thinking of a word beginning with each letter of the alphabet. Each person must repeat the words that have already been said before coming up with a new word for the next letter of the alphabet. For example, if your girlfriend starts with A for "apple," you repeat "apple" and then say something beginning with B such as "banana." As the game continues it gets gradually more difficult. You could make the game themed, like by only naming animals or fruits and vegetables.

Online Games

If you both have access to the Internet, playing online games together while on the phone can inject some thrill into your conversation. There are plenty of online multiplayer games, from board games like chess, to card games such as blackjack. Most online gaming websites will be free, but you will most likely need to create an account to connect directly to each other.