How to Send a Valentine's Text

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Valentine's Day is a popular time to send thoughtful messages and notes to loved ones, and text messaging Valentines is rising in popularity. A Valentine's text message is quick and easy to send, and it reduces the paper waste traditional Valentine's Day cards create. Text messaging novices may feel confused about the process, but there are resources that offer a starting point for sending your special someone a Valentine's text.

Log on to your computer, and visit a text message site such as or

Browse the site's collection of Valentine's messages until you find one you would like to customize and send.

Click on the message you like, and input the recipient's name as well as your own to customize the message.

Type in the recipient's cell phone number, as well as your own, so you receive a copy of the message.

Click "Send," and wait for the confirmation window to tell you the message has been sent successfully.

Check your cell phone for a copy of the message to make sure it was correctly sent to the intended recipient.