How to Send a Free Birthday Greeting

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An e-card, or electronic greeting card, is a quick, easy way to send a birthday greeting. Less costly than a paper greeting card, an e-card allows users to add a personal message to a card or select animated cards with music. While many websites offer e-cards, not all are free and knowing which sites to go to and how to send an e-card may help this process.

Open your Internet browser and go to a website offering free birthday e-cards. If you are not familiar with a website, go to a search engine and type “Free E-card Birthday Greeting” in the search field. This will bring up a list of websites.

Browse from the selection of e-cards listed for various occasions. Search for birthday cards. This can usually be found in the left navigation section of the page or along the top of the page. Look for the heading “Birthday,” “Birthday Cards” or “Happy Birthday.”

Click on the birthday e-cards. This will bring up a new Web page with a selection of cards to review.

Browse the available cards and select a card that meets your needs.

View the card. Ensure the volume level on your computer is on to hear any music or sound that may accompany the card.

Personalize the card. Provide your name and email address, the recipient’s name and email address, a greeting or message and the date of delivery. Some sites will allow you to select the color and font type of the card.

Preview the card. This is important to do before sending because it will ensure you have entered correct information and that the card appears as you would like it. Several sites will allow you to send cards immediately or to postdate the delivery.

Check the applicable box to be notified when your card is received and to receive a copy of the e-card.

Send the e-card when satisfied. Look for a “Send” or “Email This Card” button on the Web page.