How to Find a Japanese Penpal

If you do not know someone from Japan and would like to meet someone there, a good beginning is to find a Japanese pen pal. Communicating with a Japanese pen pal can help you learn a new language, foster a new perspective on life, and even lead to a visit with your new friend. If you want to contact someone who lives in Japan and become friends, many Internet websites exist to help you find a Japanese pen pal. You can communicate with your pen pal through email, voice chat, text messages, and even regular letters through the postal service. You do not have to speak Japanese to have a Japanese pen pal because many Japanese speak English.

Find a website that contains ads from Japanese people wishing to find a pen pal. Some good websites are,,, and

Create a user account on the website if it is required. The websites usually require you to do this.

Browse the ads of people who would like to find pen pals and select one or two that sound interesting to you. You can also post your own ad if you do not find an ad that suits you.

Send a message to your selection or selections introducing yourself. Some sites have their own method for relaying the message; other sites give you the prospective pen pal's email address. Follow the directions on the website you use.

Reply to the answer when it arrives, then carry on a continuous conversation with your new pen pal.