Valentine Alliteration Ideas

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Alliteration is a poetic device that refers to the repetition of the first sound of a word. For example, "red roses are really radical" uses alliteration. Alliteration can make any phrase sound more beautiful or memorable. Because of this, it is a useful device to employ in Valentine's Day cards. Show your special someone how you feel with an alliterative valentine that speaks from the heart.

Alliterative Poem

Write a poem about your loved one using alliteration and put it on a Valentine's card. Start by thinking of the kind of poem you want to write. Rhyming couplets are traditional for love poems. Come up with some of the key words you would like to use, such as "love" or "friend." Then, think of as many words as you can beginning with the same letters. As you write the poem, try to incorporate as much alliteration as you can.

Name Valentine

Write your loved one's name on the front of the valentine in large letters. Come up with as many words as you can that begin with the same letter as the name and that describe her. For example, if the person's name is Sarah, think of such words as "smart," "super," "sassy," "stylish" or anything else that describes her. Write all of these words around her name on the card in various styles and colors.

Valentine "V" Card

This idea works best if you want to make the same card for a number of different people. Think of a Valentine's-related word and write it on the front of the card, such as "Valentine," "Friendship" or "Love." Think of a number of other words that begin with the same letter and that relate to the original word. Write these words on the inside of the card. For example, if your word is "Friendship," you might use such words as "fun," "fair" and "forthright."

Fill in the Blanks

Make a valentine that is also a love-related word puzzle that will make you and your loved one both smile and laugh. Choose a letter and write it on the front of the card. On the inside, write a short piece about love or friendship with words missing, for example: "Love is about . When two people each other intimately, it can be . is the most important thing." Have the recipient fill in each blank space with a word beginning with the letter on the front of the card.