Cute Ideas to Let Your Crush Know You Like Him

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Telling a guy that you are interested in him can be nerve-wracking, but if he is clueless to your flirtations or seems rather nervous around you, you need to take matters into your own hands. If you have got even an inkling that he is also interested in you, put yourself out there and come up with a way to tell him how you feel that is fun and sweet, but also personalized.

Say It With A Song

Let your guy know you have a major crush on him through a song. Get your crush to go out for karaoke with you and some friends. Pick a fun song to sing that conveys a clear message about having a crush or having feelings for someone. When it's your turn, you could announce that you are dedicating this song to someone "very special here with me tonight." When you start singing, make eye contact with him a lot and sing right to him. If you have a cordless mic and you are bold enough, walk up to him and sing a portion of the song, while winking and flirting. He will definitely get the hint.

Make It a Game

Get together to play classic board games with your crush and use one of the games to let him know you like him. For example, if you are playing board game with fake money, write a message on one of the bills asking him out. Be the banker and hand him the bill when he is to receive money. Make sure you write it large enough for him to notice and wait for him to respond. Another idea is to plan a mini scavenger hunt around your home with a bunch of your friends and your crush. However, only give your crush the correct clues, which will lead him to message that his prize is a date with you.

Use a Sports Theme

If your crush is a total sports fanatic, you could use a sport he loves to tell him how you feel, which will also show that you care about his interests. Leave a baseball somewhere for him to find that invites him to have a picnic in the outfield with you at a local park. Draw a heart around the message. You could do something similar with a football or tennis ball. If your crush loves basketball, steal the last scene from the movie "Love and Basketball" and ask him to meet you at a local court at night. When he gets there, challenge him to play you a one-on-one game -- for his heart. You know he is intrigued if he agrees to play, but if he lets you win, he clearly likes you back and wants to see where things will go.

Be His Secret Admirer

Send your crush secret admirer notes and small gifts over the period of a week. Enlist the help of a mutual friend so your crush will not think he is being stalked. Your friend could hand him notes from you that compliment and give him clues to your identity along with small gifts. For example, if you know he likes coffee and you work in the same office, come in early and pay for his usual coffee. The coffee staff will let him know an "admirer" took care of it. Keep texts friendly and flirty, without going overboard. Avoid sounding desperate or needy, which could creep him out. When you are ready to reveal yourself, have him meet you somewhere for a no-pressure type of date, such as a nice bar or a coffee shop.