How to Play Secret Pals at Work

Having a secret pal month at work is really a spirit builder. It makes everyone feel good about themselves and co-workers. Plan your secret pal month whenever you choose, but the christmas holidays are about the best time.

Let everyone at work know your plans about the secret pal game, and set a time to draw names. No one is to reveal who's name they draw until the final day of the game. If you plan your game around Christmas, you can use stockings to put your gift in, or under a tree. If it is another time of year, leaving a small gift with your secret pals name on it anywhere in the office is going to be a nice surprise for them.

Decide before the game starts if you are going to give gifts daily, or weekly, making sure everyone understands the rules. It is not any fun if someone is getting left out. There must be a gift given every day that is scheduled in the game. Be very sneaky when leaving your gift for the day. You don't want to be seen. You will need to put a dollar limit on the daily gifts and the final prize. A good daily amount is nothing over $1.00 and the final prize is $10 to 15.00 dollars. Have your participants fill out a favorite things form and this will be what is drawn to decide who gets who as a secret pal.

Do your daily gift giving as specified and then at your final revealing party, give a nice gift and let your secret pal know who you are. Having finger foods and punch on this day would be a good suggestion. I can tell you, this is such a nice game to play if everyone plays within the rules. You get to show some kindness on a daily basis and feel good in the end!

Have fun with your secret pals game, you will love it!