What Are Candy Grams?

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Candy grams are gifts of candy that are given out with special messages from the sender. You can send someone a candy gram for holidays, or "just because," and there are no rules about what types of candy to include. From fruity candies, to gummy candies to chocolate bars, give a candy gram that best suits the occasion and the person receiving it.


The difference between giving someone a piece of candy and giving someone a candy gram is that the candy gram has a message that is included with the candy to let the receiver know that he is appreciated. The message on a candy gram should fit the holiday or cause, and it is most effective when the sender uses a play on words with the type of candy being sent. For instance, if you are sending your wife named Patty a York Peppermint Pattie, the message on the candy gram might say "I love my Patty." Or, if sending a Nestle's Crunch Bar to your secretary, write "Thanks for always helping me out in a Crunch."


You can keep your candy gram simple by taping a note to the candy bar, and sending it on its way. Or, you can make a craft project out of it, and create a candy gram bouquet of sweets. A candy gram bouquet consists of multiple candies, which may or may not be the same, arranged in a basket. This type of presentation is ideal for someone who wants to make a big statement, or wishes for it to be used as a holiday celebration centerpiece. You can contact a candy store and see if they make candy gram bouquets, or visit a candy store and make it yourself.


Delivering the candy gram is part of the fun. Make the delivery a surprise, so that the recipient is not expecting it. You can sneak the candy gram onto your coworker's desk in the morning, or leave it on your neighbor's doorstep. Or, you can pay for a company deliver it to somebody at their home or office. If you wish for the delivery method to be forever memorable, ask a friend to dress up in a costume and show up at the recipient's office. As he gives the candy gram away, he can also sing a song or do a dance.


Add some decorations to your candy gram to make it extra special. You can embellish it by taping on a bow, adding some ribbon, stickers or gluing glitter around the edges of the card. Candy grams are intended to make the recipient feel special, so embellish it in a way that you see fit for the person receiving it. If you are giving the candy gram to your husband, spray the card with your perfume and stickers of his favorite football team on it. If you are sending the candy gram to your tween daughter, glue pink rhinestones on the card, along with a sticker of her favorite pop star.