Ideas to Use Candy Bars as Gift Messages

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Not only are candy bar gift message cards amusing, they're also yummy. Homemade message cards having affixed candy are appropriate for almost any occasion and inexpensive to make. Candy and chocolate stand alone and make great gifts, but the extra effort, thought, time and creativity that go into making candy bar gift cards will be appreciated.

Card "Ingredients"

Simply handwrite your text on heavy-duty poster board and attach your candy bars in the designated places with double-sided tape. Light and thick poster board is an excellent background for your candy bar gift message; try not to choose paper or poster board that is too thin to handle the weight of all your candy bar attachments. A fat black felt-tip marker works best for the handwritten portion of the card.

Big and Silly

Don't be afraid to make the handwriting on your card big and silly. This includes customizing your message by crossing out or adding letters on your candy bar wrapper. For example, you can black out the "s" on "Snickers" to use the word "snicker" and add an "l" and "ver" to "Rolo" so you can use "rollover." The sillier, the better.

Entertaining Messages

If you've never created a candy bar gift message before, it's time to stretch your imagination. Your message can be a thank you, a birthday card, a Valentine or even an apology. Don't be afraid to be wacky, and don't worry about making the text cohesive and coherent. You are making a message using primarily words on candy bars, so make it entertaining.

An example thank you for a mentor (candy bar names have been capitalized): Dear__, I just wanted to TAKE 5 minutes to say how SPECIAL you are and to thank you MOUNDS for your support. It has been a ROCKY ROAD, but you have been there GOOD & PLENTY. You SKOR well in my book and I know your wisdom and guidance will help me NOW AND LATER. You deserve 100GRAND on PAYDAY. I wish I could buy you MARS and the MILKY WAY, but you will have to settle for these WHATCHAMACALLITs and ALMOND JOY.