Games for Christian Singles

Whenever a group of Christian singles get together, they need something fun to do. Board games are an easy way to entertain a group of friends. Fortunately there are many great board games that have a Bible version if you want your entertainment to also be a way of learning more about the Bible. Or you can make up your own Bible game.

Bible Scattergories

In the original version of Scattergories, each player is given a card that list topics such as "name of a street" or "a brand name." A die is rolled to decide what letter is used, and when time begins you must think of an answer or each topic that starts with the letter being used. In Bible Scattergories, the topics are about the Bible such as "Names for the Holy Spirit" or "Places that Jesus walked."


In Monopoly, players go around the board buying properties and accumulating as much money as possible. In Bibleopoly, the object isn't to collect money but to collect good deeds. The spaces on the board are named after cities from the New Testament and instead of building houses or hotels the object is to build a church.

Bible Guesstures

In Guesstures, a player draws four cards and each card has something she must act out. She only has a certain amount of time to act out each card. In the regular version of Guesstures, you'll just have regular things to act out like "kiss," "pig" or "airplane" but in the Bible version, you will have more Biblical topics like "Baptize," "Cross" or "Moses."

Bible Wheel of Fortune

Bible Wheel of Fortune is easy to make yourself. Come up with a topic such as "books of the Bible" or "place in the New Testament," choose an answer and on a large chalkboard draw empty spaces for each letter. Instead of having a giant wheel to spin, just write down point totals on pieces of paper or note cards and have a player draw one at random. If he guesses a letter in the puzzle, then he gets points for each letter.

Bible Jeopardy

Bible Jeopardy is another game you can create on your own. Simply come up with a bunch of Bible trivia questions and give each one a point total. Then when you play the game, be sure to tell the players the answer and have them guess the question.

Bible Pictionary

There is an actual Bible Pictionary board game but it is out of print so it might be hard to find. This game is easy enough to make on your own though. Just find a chalkboard, write down a bunch of topics on pieces of paper then have the players randomly draw a paper and draw whatever it says.