LDS Games for Sunday School


Games are a good way to get kids interested in the lesson that you're teaching for Sunday School. Students can be less than enthused about learning about the scriptures and religion in general, so a good teacher knows how to infuse fun along with lessons. Choose games that aren't to raucous for church, that engage students and get the ready to learn.

Scripture Chase

A scripture chase familiarizes students with the different books in the Book of Mormon, Bible and other books of scripture and is a good way to introduce the topic and chapter of study for the lesson. A scripture chase begins with all of the students sitting with their scriptures closed, and when you read out a reference, they race to be the first one to turn to the specific chapter and verse. The winner then gets a small treat and reads the scripture to the class. You can do this throughout the class to get students engaged and get them used to looking up scriptures as you call them out.

Scripture Jeopardy

It's easy to make your own Jeopardy game using file folders and some questions about the lesson that you're teaching. On a regular piece of paper, write the question (the, "What is..." portion) and tape it on the inside of the file folder. Write the answer on the front of the folder, and then cover it with a sticky note that has the dollar amount on it. When contestants choose a dollar amount, take off the sticky note so that the answer can be read and students can try and figure out the question. You can use this to review areas of study to make sure that everyone understood the lessons.

Memory Game

If you want your students to memorize a certain scripture, try this game to help them remember all of the words. Write the entire scripture on the chalkboard, and have the entire class read it aloud and in unison. When they've done that, take out a few words by erasing them.. Then have the students read it again. Each time the class reads it through, erase a few more words. In time they'll be able to say the entire scripture with just a few words on the board.