Crafts for Teaching Beatitudes to Children

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The Beatitudes are a series of eight character types blessed by God, outlined in Matthew 5: 3-10. In the first half of each verse, Jesus calls one character type blessed, then explains the blessing the character will receive. These Beatitudes are often used as a basis for Christian living. Children can learn about the Beatitudes in an enjoyable way through relevant crafts about the beatitudes. These are ideal for chapel, Sunday School or Christian school.

Abbreviation Equations

Memorizing the Beatitudes can be a challenge for kids. Use this abbreviation craft to help children memorize the beatitudes without even thinking about it. Have the children come up with abbreviations for the verses using the first letter of all of the main words. For example, BM=BC, is one abbreviation for “blessed are those that mourn, for they shall be comforted.” Have each child create a card for each abbreviation. Allow the children to decorate the cards are desired. Use the cards as memory aids for memorizing the verses over a period of several weeks.

Bee Attitudes

This craft use word play to help children learn the Beatitudes. Give each child a set of paper bees and paper hives. Write the attribute of the person on the bees, such as poor in spirit, and the blessing on the hive, such as the Kingdom of Heaven. Allow the children to decorate the bees and hives. Play a game with the bees and hives matching the correct bee to the correct hive just like the classic game “Memory.”

Application Cards

This craft will help children learn the practical applications of the Beatitudes. Give each child a card to decorate. Discuss with the children how they can apply the attitude to their lives. Have the children write the resolution on the card. Children can use the cards are a reminder to have that attitude. Give the children a new card each week for eight weeks until all of the attitudes are covered.


Allow the children to choose their favorite Beatitude verse. Have the children write the verse on a bookmark. Allow the children to decorate the bookmarks as desired, with markers, paper, crayons, glitter or anything else they want. When the bookmarks are dry, laminate them with clear contact paper or a laminating machine. Give the bookmarks back to the children as a reminder of the verses.