Craft Ideas on Obedience for Preschoolers in Sunday School

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Preschool Sunday school lessons on obedience need to clearly illustrate the desired message. Share a child-centered story to help preschoolers relate to the message. Repeat the Bible verse that is the basis for the lesson. Provide concrete examples of obedience that the children can use in their daily lives. Follow up with an appropriate craft to drive the message home and to serve as a reminder to obey.

Bible Verse Puzzles

Make word puzzles by gluing words on a large piece of paper. Draw thick straight or wavy lines between words and phrases so that children can easily cut them out. They can reassemble them on a background and practice reading them with adults. Or make it into a reusable puzzle by mounting the original paper on construction paper or tagboard. The children can then put the puzzle together time and time again. Make it more meaningful by making the puzzle out of a picture of children showing obedience, with the Bible verse printed somewhere on the page. Children can color the picture and then cut it into puzzle pieces.

Obedience Chart

Brainstorm with the preschool children about ways they can demonstrate obedience in their lives. For example, putting away their toys when asked, going to bed on time, using kind words or helping others. Make a list of these obedient actions on a chart that the children can color. Include the Bible verse being taught and the words, "I can obey." Laminate it or cover it with contact paper. Children can then use a washable marker to check off when they perform one of these actions.

Obedience Flower

Cut out a large flower stem and leaves to mount on a background. Outline areas for petals. Title the picture with the Bible verse being studied or "I blossom as I obey." Children can color and cut out little petal-shaped clip art pictures of children showing obedience. Caption the pictures with a description of the behavior. Laminate or cover the paper with contact paper. Apply Velcro loops to the outlined petals and Velcro hooks to the little petal pictures. As children perform the actions in the pictures, they can add a petal to the flower. Take all of the petals off at the end of the week. Or make it a poster as a reminder by simply gluing all of the petals to the background.

Obedience Posters

Children can make their own posters about obedience by creating the word with different stamps. Use something round to stamp the letter "o" and then finish writing or tracing the rest of the word. Glue beans or rice or glitter to the letters in the word "obey" to make a tactile representation of the word. Color a picture of children obeying Jesus or their parents, with the Bible verse printed on it. Mount it on a background.