Ideas for a Good Samaritan Art Craft

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In the parable the Good Samaritan, Jesus teaches Christians to love their neighbors as they would love themselves. The story is about a man who is robbed and left hurt on the side of the road. Both a priest and a Levite pass by the man, leaving him suffering and without help. A Samaritan passes by, and then stops and helps the man. Jesus urges Christians to show love by helping those in need.

Compassion Rolls

Teach your Sunday school students how to be compassionate and loving to those in need with this simple craft. Give each child an empty toilet paper roll covered in tissue paper, with one end sealed off with a ribbon and a clip art picture of a Bible and praying hands. Allow them to color the picture as you pass out two Band-Aids and a handful of Hershey’s hugs and kisses to each student. Fill the toilet paper roll with the Hershey’s candy, the clip art and the Band-Aids. Have the students tie the open end with a ribbon to seal the roll closed. The contents of the rolls remind students to show compassion through kisses, hugs, helping those who hurt, praying for others and witnessing to others.

Helping Hands

Make a helping hands booklet by tracing your hand on cardboard and cutting out two cardboard hands for each student. These will be the front and back covers of the book. Provide each student with three hands cut out of white paper for the books pages. Attach the covers and pages by punching a hole through them and tying some yarn to secure them. On the front cover, help the students write their name and then under their names, the words, "has helping hands." For example, "Jane has helping hands." On each page, the children can draw a picture or write a sentence about how they help others.

Helping Flower

Give each student a cutout circle for the center of the flower and six petals. Tell the students to think of ways to show compassion or ways they can help others. Have them write one way they are kind, helpful or compassionate on each petal. Have each student glue the center of the flower on a piece of construction paper and arrange the petals around it, gluing them down. The students can draw a stem and decorate the rest of their paper.

Love Your Neighbor

This craft can be done using a pre-made house template, or you can create your own house template, adding two windows. Allow each student to color the house, and then cut it out and paste it on a piece of construction paper. In one of the two windows, the students should draw a picture of Jesus and in the other a picture of someone to whom they can show love. Discuss how Jesus teaches everyone to show love and kindness to their neighbors.