Mother's Day Sunday School Lessons

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Mother's Day is an exciting time for mothers and children. Some families begin their Mother's Day celebration at a church ceremony or in Sunday school. Sunday school instructors should prepare lessons and use activities that teach children why Mother's Day is so special. By the time students leave their Mother's Day Sunday school lesson, they will be ready to celebrate the day with their mothers in a way that promotes their Christian faith.

Mother's Day in the Bible

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For older students, Sunday school lessons for Mother's Day can be conducted similar to a Bible study. There are many great Bible passages that highlight the role of mothers in the Christian faith. Proverbs 31: 25-31 offers the Bible's explanation of what a mother is like. Discuss with students the ways their mothers are similar to this description. Have the students concentrate on the ways their mothers are different from this passage and think about why this is important.

Honor Thy Mother

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One of the Ten Commandments in the Bible tells followers of the Christian faith to "Honor thy father and mother." This rule provides an excellent theme for a Sunday school lesson on Mother's Day. During this lesson, teachers should ask children how they honor their own mother in their daily lives. Focus on activities such as chores, which offer children a way to show their appreciation for their mothers. Ask students to draw pictures of a chore they do to help their mother around the home. Teachers can then show pictures of different ideas children can use to help their mothers.

Love and Respect your Mother

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One of the most important aspects of Mother's Day is showing love and respect for moms. Teach children about the reasons why Christians love and respect their mothers. Use passages from the Bible to demonstrate the sacrifices that Mary made as Jesus' mother. Talk to students about how they can show their mothers they love them just as Jesus loved Mary. One example is a homemade craft prepared for mothers, which can be done as an activity in Sunday school. Teachers can also demonstrate the importance of a hug by encouraging each student to take turns hugging their peers.

My Own Personal Mother

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Plan a Sunday school lesson to help students realize their mother was picked out just for them by God. Have students draw a picture of an activity they do with their mothers. Encourage students to think of activities that are unique and special. Perhaps one student and her mother both love to bake brownies together and another student and his mother both love to go bowling together on the weekends. This lesson could also include singing songs like DLTK's Growing Together's song, "Mommy Loves Me."