Showing Respect for Your Mother

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Moms deserve respect from their kids, but kids may not show that respect for various reasons, including seeking attention, anger and disrespectful role models, notes the Positive Discipline website. You can demonstrate respect for your mom or a mother figure, which in turn encourages your children to show respect for you. Your example helps your children understand what respectful behaviors toward a mother look like.

The "Golden Rule"

Kids should treat Mom the way they want to be treated. The "golden rule" doesn’t apply only to Christians. It appears in various religions, notes When teaching your child to show respect to you, avoid blaming, shaming, shouting and sarcastic responses, suggests Positive Discipline. Encourage your child to speak to you in moderate tones, using respectful phrases such as “yes, Ma'am,” “no, Ma'am,” "please” and “thank you.”

Pay Attention

One way to demonstrate respect for a mom is to listen when she speaks. Respectful listening does not mean your child will mind you, notes Steve McChesney, a martial arts instructor and author of a daily self-esteem and self-confidence building newsletter. Teach your child to make eye contact with you when you speak to him and to respond with nods or words that indicate that he is hearing you. You can also demonstrate respectful behavior by responding the first time your child tries to get your attention so he doesn’t have to pester you before you acknowledge him.


Honesty and respect are tied together. Explain to your child that when you respect your mom, you don’t take her belongings, lie to her or break your promises to her and you treat her and her belongings with care and respect, suggests McChesney. You can demonstrate honesty when dealing with your mom, your children and others in your life. You can also demonstrate honesty by admitting when you make a mistake and asking for forgiveness. Role-play honesty with your child, allowing her to be the mom and you to be the child to give her practice in being honest.

Compassion and Helpfulness

Moms do so much for the family, but they cannot carry the load alone. Teach your child that one way he can show respect for you is by recognizing that you have limitations and offering a helping hand, suggests Sissy Goff, the director of child and adolescent counseling at Daystar Counseling Ministries. Encourage him to pitch in and take responsibility for helping you care for the family, such as taking out the trash, setting the table and helping with laundry. He can say “thank you” when you do things for him. He can also notice when you are stressed, upset or impatient and cut you some slack.