How to Include Grandparents in a Wedding Toast

A wedding is a very special time. Everyone remembers the wit, charm and sentiment that the wedding toasts are delivered with. Don't forget to include your grandparents in the wedding toast, either from the Bride or the Groom. This will be very meaningful to your grandparents on this important day in your life and also for the entire family. Read on to make sure they feel included.

Brainstorm what you would like to say in general for your wedding toast. Remember that wedding toasts typically last a minute to three minutes.

Think of something special that you can say for each family member, including your grandparents. Make it something thoughtful and the best way to write your speech is just the way you talk.

Remember all of the important moments that your grandparents have had in your life. Consider what you would like to comment on in the wedding toast.

Mention your grandparents individually and compliment something that they would appreciate. A great idea is to mention something that the two of you have shared or something they have taught you.

Appreciate your grandparents in your wedding toast and express your thanks for having them in your life. Say something about how thankful you are that they have been your grandparents.

End your comments in your wedding toast about your grandparents by telling them that you love them and that you are so happy that they are here to share your special day. Tell them that you love them in a way that is meaningful and will show how much you care.