Funny Things to Do at a Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary for Your Parents

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Your parents' fiftieth wedding anniversary doesn't have to be a solemn occasion. There are plenty of ways to fill the party with laughter. Setting up games and activities for your parents and their guests will help get everyone involved in the celebration, and a funny twist can enhance the memories on your parents' special day.

Who Knows the Couple Best?

This game will provide some humorous answers that test your guests' knowledge. Before the party, interview your parents. Collect answers on 10 to 20 questions, such as the location of their first date, their first pet, interesting habits, etc. Put the questions on paper and hand out a sheet to each everyone. Give a prize to the guest with the most correct answers, and share the funniest responses with the entire party.

The Relationship Quiz

Your parents will share the stage in this funny and insightful game. Place two chairs back-to-back, with one parent in each. Ask the couple a series of questions about details in their relationship, such as who's the better cook, who is more frugal, or the name of their wedding song. Each parent writes the answers on a separate sheet of paper, with a piece of candy or small prize given for every matching answer.

Who's That Couple?

While you're celebrating your parents' anniversary, you can also recognize the marriages of your guests. Before the party, instruct the married guests to bring in an old photo from their wedding day. Collect the pictures when the big day arrives, and designate a number for each. Have your guests try to guess which picture belongs to which couple by writing their answers down on a numbered sheet of paper. Once everyone has guessed, read the answers out loud and declare a winner.

A Personalized Song

Even though it can be silly, singing a song to your parents will remind them of all the wonderful times you've had throughout the years. Select a favorite song or hymn from your parents' lives, then rewrite the words to fit your family. Create lyrics about childhood memories or funny experiences you've had together. Perform the song at the party for a heavy dose of laughter and tears.


If you're doing the decoration yourself, some intimate touches can make all the difference. Consider the time in which your parents were married. What were the popular trends in entertainment and fashion? Having your guests dress up in the popular clothing and accessories of the time can provide a fun backdrop for your party. You can take it even further by hiring some silly entertainment, like an Elvis impersonator. Seeing how far they've come since their wedding will remind your parents of their lasting commitment to each other.