Game Ideas for a 50th Anniversary Party

People at anniversary party

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A golden or 50th wedding anniversary is a milestone event in a married couple's life. It is undeniable that the celebrating pair have been through and experienced a lot together during their married years. If you know a couple who are approaching their 50th anniversary, honor them with a party, complete with entertaining games.

Match the Couple

Before the party, ask all the married couples who will be attending the party to bring a wedding photo of themselves. As guests arrive, collect their photos. Write numbers on sticky notes and attach one to the back of each photo, then invite the guests to play "Match the Couple." Provide paper and pens. As you show them the photos, the guests will write down the married couple's names and the numbers of the photos that they think correspond to each couple. Once all photos have been shown, reveal the correct owners. The player who correctly identifies the most photos wins.

Name That Tune

Name That Tune is a fun game that everyone will enjoy. Select an array of music from the decade when the honored couple were married. Play the tunes for a few seconds, then stop the music. The first guest to correctly identify the song earns a point. Keep track of points. The person with the most points after all songs have been played wins.

Who Knows the Couple Best

Before the party, ask the honored couple a list of questions, such as: Where did you meet? How long did you date before you married? What was your wedding song? Write down the questions and their answers on a piece of paper. At the party, provide paper and pens to guests. Read the questions aloud to see who knows the most about the couple. The player who answers the most questions about the couple correctly wins.

Remember When

This games is similar to the Newlywed Game, except this version is to designed to quiz the couple on how well they remember events from their years of marriage. Before the party, arrange a set of questions to ask the honored couple, such as: "What time did you get married?", "On what date were you engaged?" and "What was your wedding song?" Ask either the husband or the wife to answer the questions before the party and write down his or her responses. At the party, ask the other member of the couple the questions. Ask guests to predict how many questions the couple answered the same. Give a prize to the player whose prediction is closest.