Party Games to Play for an Anniversary

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Like most parties, anniversary celebrations can be enlived with a few well-chosen games. Your guest list will help determine the types of games are most suitable. Some games work best when played by couples or teams, while others can be played by children and adults. With some planning and preparation, your anniversary party can be as memorable as the wedding.

Games for Couples

If your guest list is comprised primarily of couples, then plan games that have them working together or against each other. For games requiring physical contact, it is probably best to keep married couples together. Pass the Orange requires the men to remove an orange from under their wives' chins without either person using their hands. A version of Newlywed Game asks each person to answer questions about their spouse and then find out if they right. On a Desert Isle puts a couple on a white paper "island." Once they have stood together on the island, the piece of paper is folded in half and they must stand together on it again. This continues until one or both of them fall off.

Games for Teams

In groups that mix couples and singles, some traditional games with anniversary twists work well. Charades or Pictionary with themes such as movies from the year of the wedding or places the happy couple has visited together can provide entertainment. A scavenger hunt using a bride doll, a toy car in the model year of the wedding, a picture of a wedding cake and other items can be scattered around the venue for teams to locate.

Physical Games

To put a little activity into your party, add games that require your guests to get up and move. Twister can be entertaining no matter what age group is playing it. Stage a dance competition using music from the year of the wedding. For a more adult variation of children’s game, blindfold one member of a couple and ask them to find their spouse while everyone else tries to confuse the seeker.

Guessing Games

Older guests might enjoy a more sedentary games. Guess the Couple is played by asking couples attending the party to bring a photo of their own wedding. All the photos are displayed and everyone tries to match the photos with the guests. For a variation of 20 Questions, play Do You Know the Happy Couple with questions focused on details about the couple of honor. What Did It Cost in XXXX? elicits guesses about what a list of specific, items like a gallon of gasoline, a loaf of bread or a pair of sneakers cost in the year of the wedding.

Family Games

Play a variation of Bingo with cards that use pictures of items that pertain to the anniversary couple. Have a caller ask questions that pertain to the couple and can be answered by the pictures. One such question could be, “What is Joe's favorite beverage?” Those with the soda bottle on their card and who know the answer would cover it with a chit. Or hold an anniversary sing-along. Place slips of paper with words such as bride, wedding, cake and rings in a bowl. Each person takes a turn drawing a slip and then must sing a song containing the word. Play continues until no one can think of anymore songs.