Games and Ideas for Things to Do at a Bridal Shower

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Without games, a bridal shower is basically cake and presents. Shower games can pass the time and get everyone involved in the fun. There are four types of bridal shower games. Ice breaker games are designed to loosen everyone up and get people talking to each other. Shower length games last from the being of the shower to the end of the shower. Bride-centric games are games that feature the bride. Group games have people work as groups to play the game.

Ice Breaker Games

Two truths and a lie is an ice breaker where one person tells everyone three things about themselves; two of the thing is true and one is a lie. The rest of the group must figure out which is the lie and shout it out. Another ice breaker game is “Who am I." Before the shower, the hostess writes down different famous couples, they can be real or fictitious, on name tags. One name should be on each name tag. When the guest arrives they are given a name tag on their back and have to ask others questions to figure out who they are. They have to find there partner to win.

Shower Length Games

In the clothes pin game, each guest is given a clothes pin to place on themselves. If anyone hears them say “wedding,” “marriage” or “present,” the other person can take their clothes pin. At the end of the shower, whoever has the most clothes pins wins. The name-tag game is played by writing words that go along with a wedding like “bouquet,” “preacher,” “rings” and similar words on name tags. As the guest arrives they are given a name tag and that becomes their name for the shower. If someone does not call them by their name tag name, they steal the other person's tag. The person with the most name tags at the end of the shower wins.

Bride-Centric Games

A common bride-centric game is “How well do you know the groom?” in this game you have to give a questionnaire to the groom and have him answer the questions before the shower. Copy the questions and cut them into little strips. You can have each guest pull out a question or put them in balloons and have each person pop a balloon. This can also be played in reverse and have the questions be about the bride and guests answer the questions.

Group Games

The Famous Couples game is a game where everyone breaks up into groups of four or five and given handouts that a list of famous couples with one half missing. For example, one might say “Mickey Mouse and ____.” The answer would be Minnie. Give the group five minutes to answer as many as possible. In the spice game groups are created and jars of unlabeled spices are sent around with numbers on them. Each team has to figure out what each spice is. The spices can be given to the bride as a gift after the shower.