Bridal Shower Games to Play With Oven Mitts

Zedcor Wholly Owned/ Images

Oven mitts may seem limiting when it comes to bridal games, and they are, but those limitations create the chance for several fun games. The key to a bridal shower game with oven mitts is to see what the bride or other participants can accomplish while wearing the mitts. Some of these games can be played at any shower while others are best played with a more intimate gathering.

Apron Memory

An apron memorization game utilizes oven mitts in a small way. The game also allows the bridesmaids to give the bride a group gift, cutting down on costs. Various kitchen items such as spatulas, measuring cups and oven mitts are pinned to an apron. The bride models the apron to guests who have one minute to memorize as many items as possible. After the bride walks out of sight, the guests have two minutes to write down as many items as they can remember. The winner is the one who writes down the most items. The winner gets a prize and the bride keeps the apron and gadgets.

Oven Mitt Dressing

This game can be played by individuals or teams at a bridal shower. A team option is best if you are hosting a shower with guests of all ages. Each participant in the game receives a pair of oven mitts and a pair of pantyhose. The first player to put the pantyhose on while wearing the oven mitts is the winner. Have a video camera ready to capture the fun as this game provides plenty of laughs.

Spoon the Balls

Spoon the balls is an entertaining game but best for a bachelorette bridal shower. The bride is the first player but each guest should get a turn. Place a blindfold on the bride and then put the oven mitts on her hands. The bride then has to use a large serving spoon to try and pick up cotton balls that are scattered on the floor. The bride gets one minute to scoop up as many balls as possible and place them in a bowl. The player who gets the most balls wins. Take lots of pictures during the excitement.

Oven Mitt Gift Opening

Wrap a small box for each guest in the same color wrapping paper. Give each guest a pair of oven mitts to wear, or take turns, and have all the participating guests unwrap the box as fast as possible. The first guest or two to finish unwrapping the gift win a prize. If you feel like challenging the bride a bit, have her open one gift in oven mitts for each guest who beats her at the game.