How to Play the Apron and Kitchen Utensil Game at a Bridal Shower

bamboo spatula and spoon image by Jim Mills from

The Apron and Kitchen Utensil game is an activity that makes wedding shower guests both laugh and cringe. The game requires shower guests to observe and remember the kitchen utensils attached to an apron worn by the bride-to-be, and rewards the shower guests who best remember the items. The surprise of the game is that, when guests view the apron, they have no idea that they need to remember the names of the utensils. Because of this, when they are told about the task at hand, they're in for a surprise.

Purchase ten kitchen utensils to attach to an apron. Lightweight items without sharp edges are best. Examples of acceptable items are spatulas, small rolling pins and ladles. Remove all tags from the items.

Purchase a plain apron to attach the kitchen utensils on. You may select an ornate apron, however, it will make the utensils harder to see and identify.

Attach the ten kitchen utensils to the front of the apron. You may choose to sew the items to the apron. However, you also may glue or tape them, depending on your preference and the weight of each one.

Fold the apron with the attached utensils and place it in a box. Wrap the box in wedding shower-themed wrapping paper and place a bow on top. Ensure that the box is identifiable so that the person handing out gifts knows to hand out this one first.

Ask the bride-to-be to sit in a chair in the center of the room and tell her that it is time to open her presents. Once she is seated, hand her the box with the apron inside. When she opens the box and sees the apron, tell her that a bridal shower isn't complete without a bit of embarrassment, so she needs to put on the apron, walk around the room to all of her guests and model her utensil-covered attire to everyone at the wedding shower.

Ask the bride to leave the room. As soon as she departs, hand out sheets of paper and pens or pencils to the bridal shower guests. Tell them that they have two minutes to write down as many utensils on the apron as they can remember.

Set a timer for two minutes. When two minutes have passed, tell the shower guests that time is up. Allow the bride-to-be to enter the room. Have her sit in the front of the guests. Provide her with the list of utensils on her apron and ask her to read the names.

Ask the members of each table or section of the room to determine who has the most items written down correctly. Once the winners are selected, present them with small prizes, like candy, lottery tickets or candles.