Spanish Bridal Shower Games


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Games are a delightful addition to any bridal shower. If the bride, groom, and/or guests are native Spanish speakers, cater your games to them. Below you will find suggestions for games with traditional Hispanic images and traditions, one that could work with any culture, and one conveniently printed in Spanish.

Bouquet Toss

For this game you will need several small bouquets and three sombreros. The sombreros will be placed at varying distances from the guests. One at a time, each guest will turn her back to the sombreros and toss the bouquet over her shoulder, aiming for the sombreros. Anyone who lands the bouquet in a sombrero wears the hat for the rest of the party. The person who lands the bouquet in the furthest sombrero wins a prize or takes home the bouquet.

Maracas Art

Give each guest an unpainted maraca and a paintbrush. Provide various colors of paint or focus on the wedding colors or the bride’s favorite colors. Each person paints an image on the maraca that reminds her of the bride/groom or of getting married. The bride's favorite maraca wins a prize.

The Best Margarita

Each guest is encouraged to bring her favorite margarita ingredients to the party. Each pair of guests will make a margarita using the ingredients they brought (hostess will provide ice, glasses, and a blender). The bride gets to sample all of the drinks, then she chooses a winner. After a winner is declared, everyone passes around their creations for sampling.

The Wedding Night Game

This game can work with many types of groups, but it can be a bit embarrassing for the bride. Without letting the bride-to-be know, someone in the room will write down the first thing the bride says as she opens each gift. When all the gifts have been opened, the writer stands up and announces that she’d like to share what the couple will be saying to each other on their wedding night. Giggles abound as the guests picture the honeymooners saying things like, “It’s so colorful” or “It’s perfect!” Send the “story” home with the bride as a keepsake.

Spanish Bridal Bingo

Visit or follow the link in the Resources section to print copies of Spanish Bridal Bingo. The game cards are pre-filled with wedding items written in Spanish. Each guest receives a card and several markers (beans, pennies, candies, etc.). The hostess calls out the word and the guests mark the square containing that word. The first person with five marked squares in a row calls out “Bingo” and receives a prize. If you do not wish to purchase this printable game, make your own Bingo cards by asking your guests to contribute wedding words.