Activities for a Girls' Group

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Whether you're supervising a Girl Scout troop, a young ladies youth group or just a group of girls at a slumber party, having some ideas to keep them entertained will help keep things organized. Activities for a girls' group can take place inside the house, outside or a combination of both. If you're trying to keep a watchful eye or get girls active, there are a variety of activities for a girls' group.

Nail Polish Song Game

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The Nail Polish Song Game is a variation on the game "Hot Potato." The girls stand in a circle while passing around a bottle of nail polish and singing a song. At the end of each verse, the girls stop singing. Whichever girl holds the bottle when the music stops paints one of her fingernails. The first girl to paint all of her nails wins the game. Prizes can be awarded or the girls can just enjoy singing along and playing a game together.

Photographic Scavenger Hunt

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Make a list of a number of common to rare objects. Pass the list out to competing teams of girls. Easy-to-find items carry lower points and more obscure items win greater points. The girls then fan out and take pictures of the objects on the list as they come across them. The age of digital photography makes this game extra fun, as girls can look at the results immediately after the game finishes. The photographs remain as mementos of the game.

Girlie Ball

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Girlie ball is a game as well as an ice breaker activity. Inflate a large beach ball. Have girls suggest a variety of questions to write on the ball. Once the ball is filled with questions, the girls stand in a circle and throw the ball to each other. Each time a girl catches the ball she must answer a question--the question that her right thumb touches. After answering the question, the girl throws the ball again.


Girls probably can't afford a real spa, but that doesn't mean they can't enjoy the spa treatment. Have girls bring all their best makeup, skin care products and hair products. Girls can lounge in their robes just like at a real spa while they give each other makeovers. A do-it-yourself spa allows girls to have fun two ways--getting makeovers and giving makeovers.