What Is a Good Flirty Game to Play With Your Girlfriend?

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Fun, flirty games are ideal at all stages of a relationship. Whether you are just getting to know your partner, or want to kickstart your sex life after a dry spell, they are easy to play and guaranteed to heat things up. The key is to keep it lighthearted and stay within your girlfriend's boundaries. Make sure she is comfortable with your suggestions. The objective is for you both to have fun and explore your intimate sides.

Kinky Cards

Flirty games don't require a lot of props. A deck of cards is all you need to have fun with your girlfriend, says Cosmopolitan in the article "13 Naughty Sex Games You Need to Try." Agree on a sexy meaning for each of the four suits, for example kissing for hearts and massaging for spades. Shuffle the cards well and take turns to pick a card from the stack. Whatever you choose, the other person has to give them. Make it as adventurous as you like, but keep each "treat" short and sweet, so that you both get plenty of pleasure.

Seductive Hide and Seek

If you and your girlfriend like to use sex toys or sensual items such as silk blindfolds or massage oil, these can be perfect for fun, flirty games. Hide your toys around the house and invite your girlfriend to look for them. Whatever she finds, use on one another for a few minutes of fun before moving onto the next.

Fantasy 20 Questions

The game "20 Questions" can be flirty if you ask the right things. This is a great game to play on a long car journey or at the beginning of a relationship when you haven't yet opened up to one another, says Cosmopolitan. Ask your girlfriend up to 20 questions, requiring "yes" or "no" answers only, to figure out her favorite sexual fantasy, for example "Does it involve dressing up?" or "Does it take place indoors?"

Flirty Fill in the Blanks

A good game to get to know your girlfriend better -- and get you both in the mood for romance -- involves one simple sentence that you take turns to finish. Start with "You're so sexy when..." Start off with sweet declarations, suggests Glamour in the article "Hooking Up -- A Flirty Game to Play With Your Man Tonight." You might say something like "You're so sexy when you play with your hair" or "You're so sexy when you bite your lip." You can build up to saucier statements as you both relax and get into the game.