Ideas for a Christian Bachelor Party

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If you want to throw a Christian bachelor party, you need to stay away from strip clubs, bars, casinos, cigars and sex-implied games. Instead, consider wholesome ideas that lend themselves well to male bonding without going against the guest of honor's moral or religious beliefs.

Camping Trip

In addition to sleeping in the wilderness, a camping trip can include fishing, hiking, boating and building a bonfire. These activities offer clean fun while encouraging male bonding.


A game of golf followed by dinner at the bachelor's favorite restaurant makes a good choice for a more low-keyed event that encourages conversation.

Extreme Sports

Get the adrenaline pumping and create a day to remember with an extreme sport, such as sky diving, mountain climbing, white-water rafting or extreme skiing.

Paint Ball

A game of paint ball offers an outlet for friendly competition; however, it can get a little rough and may leave the players with bruised bodies. If the bachelor party is the day before the wedding, consider a game of laser tag instead.

Box Seats at a Game

If the bachelor enjoys sports, take him to see his favorite team in style. Unless the groom is wealthy, chances are he rarely--if ever--has the luxury of watching a game from a box seat. If this costs too much, splurge on the best seats you can afford.

A "Last Supper"

Have all the men together for a big feast and highlight the fact that this is his "last supper" as a bachelor. Depending on his sense of humor, you could turn the meal into a "roast" where each man tells a funny yet embarrassing story about the groom-to-be.