What to Do for Your Husband’s Birthday

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Honoring Your Main Squeeze on His Special Day

Maybe he always lets you have the last slice of pizza, gives the world's greatest foot rubs, or is an incredibly patient and loving dad. So even if he's far from perfect, your husband deserves to be celebrated in style on his birthday. His perfect day probably includes lots of time with the kids, some good food and a little alone time with you. It's worth getting his input about how he'd like to spend the day, but plan a few little surprises too.

Make Him a Feast

Whether his idea of fine cuisine is Kobe beef or cold Spaghetti-Os, making your husband's dream meal is a sweet and thoughtful gesture. If you wrangle the kids into helping you so your hubby can take a nap or watch TV in peace, well, all the better. Depending on the day's schedule, you may opt for a hasty breakfast or a five-course lunch. Even if you bake a cake from a box mix and make a frozen pizza instead of dough from scratch, he should appreciate the effort that goes into assembling all his favorite foods into one meal.

Take Him on an Adventure

Unless your husband is a couch potato who wants nothing more than a day-long movie marathon, take him out of the house for at least an hour. Ask your kids to suggest places that Dad might like to go and things he might like to do—not just because they could have great ideas, but also because the journey will be more pleasant if your kids are excited about the destination too.

If you have a full day to burn together, work with your kids to create a plan and write clues about each place you're heading. Give him one clue to help him figure out you're taking a family bike ride, and then, when you've finished the ride, give him the next clue to help him realize that you're heading to the bowling alley or to an escape room.

Gift Him With a Toy

Sure, he needs socks. But unless your budget is really tight, he can buy his own socks—and birthday gifts should be fun. Help your hubby get in touch with his inner child by buying him a new gadget. Maybe he'd like a remote-controlled helicopter to fly around the park with the kids, a high-tech smart thermometer for his beloved grill or an updated version of his favorite childhood arcade game.

Gather His Buddies

His friends probably also have kids and jobs and mortgages, so he may not get to see the boys as often as he'd like. Surprise him by having some of his friends gather at a restaurant or sports bar; then suggest you go there for dinner. Even if you have to head home to feed the kids and put them to bed, he'll enjoy spending an hour or two laughing with his best buddies.

Give Him a Sexy Surprise

If he's like most guys, what your husband probably wants most for his birthday is you. Once the kids are asleep, take him to the bedroom. Dress up in some lingerie, give him a massage, present him with an album of you in boudoir photos—he'll probably love one or all three. Ending the day this way will have him counting down to his next birthday.