Sexy Birthday Ideas for Men

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Everyone has a sexy side and sensibility about them. Give that man in your life a sexy surprise and make it a memorable birthday. The present itself can be sexy or the adventure can be the sexy part. Either way, remember to keep it fun.


Guys need some luxury and relaxation too, so give him a plush bathrobe he can wear around the house. He'll feel like a king and appreciate the comfort of not having to get dressed after getting out of the shower. Choose a robe that's so soft he'll want to stay in it all day long.

Spa Day

Take him to the spa for a day. Schedule a massage and spend some time in the hot tubs relaxing. Order a glass or wine or cocktail and enjoy the serenity. End the day with a quiet dinner nestled in the back corner of a hole-in-the-wall local restaurant where you can whisper sweet nothings in private.

Wear His Gift

Wear his gift and nothing else, so when he comes home from work he gets to see what his present looks like on--on you, that is. So strip down just before he's due home from work and put on that new watch you got him, or spritz yourself with a bit of the new cologne you picked out and set the bottle on the table. He'll love his present even more when it's wrapped in nothing at all.

Scavenger Hunt

Send him on a scavenger hunt that leads him to a sexy destination--a hotel room with you waiting or a candlelit dinner in a strange location such as on a rooftop. Set up clues that lead him from one place to another and eventually to the end, where he finds you waiting. It's a birthday chase he'll never forget.