How to Deal With a Cranky Husband

An important part of marriage is recognizing that both partners are only human and can't be perfect all of the time. Regardless of the reason, everyone gets a bit cranky now and then, and unfortunately the spouse is often the person who suffers the most. So, learning how to deal with a cranky husband can be a relationship saver during those tough times. Read on to learn how to deal with a cranky husband.

Give him space. When women get cranky, they often want to be pampered and showered with love, but men, most of the time, just want a little peace and quite for themselves. Allow him to do what he needs to do, as long as it is constructive, be it watch TV, start some project in the garage or fix the car. Remember that this is his time for attitude adjustment, so give him space to think, vent and relax.

Let him know that you are open and available for a healthy chat if and when he is ready, but don't force him to talk. Asking him what's wrong or probing him for an explanation for his attitude is the worst way to deal with a cranky husband. Although you may get some smart remark, simply tell him you understand he is having a bad day, that you love him, and you are open to talk. Then, give him his space and let him come to you.

Listen without judgment if, and when, he does come to you to talk about what is bothering him. Maybe he just needs to complain about work, maybe stress of marriage and parenthood are building up, or maybe it is something else. Just listen, without offering too much advice or treating him like a child. Often the best way to deal with a cranky husband is to just let him get all those 'little things' off of his chest.

Hire a babysitter for an evening to watch your kids outside of the house, or better yet, send them to stay the night with their grandparents. Even if you don't have kids, creating a space for the two of you and breaking the monotonous hustle and bustle of day to day life can help improve his mood. Married life and parenthood can be difficult, so you have to find ways to spice it up, whether it is just a night out to the movies, a weekend getaway or some new sexy way to liven up your sex life.

Watch what you say and do, because getting mad or offending him is not a good way to deal with a cranky husband. And remember, he isn't perfect, and neither are you. Have patience, because we all go through cranky spells. He is your husband, your lover and your best friend, so a little patience will go a long way in dealing with his moods.