How to Make My Boyfriend Stop Acting Distant

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A new relationship can move along at a fast and exciting pace. Unfortunately, as your relationship begins to fall into a routine, things can go south with your boyfriend. He may become distant and seemingly uninterested. It’s important to diagnose the situation so you can come up with the proper solution. Your first instinct may be to cling tighter to him to keep him from slipping away. Sometimes, though, it’s best to take a step back and create some room to grow between the two of you.

Step 1

Consider what’s happening in your boyfriend’s life. If he is having a lot of stress at work or with his family, that may be why he's become distant. If you find that this is the problem, be supportive and wait for the storm to pass.

Step 2

Sit your boyfriend down and tell him that you feel like he’s slipping away. A devoted boyfriend will understand your concern and work with you to bridge the emotional gap. Be patient with him, though, because he is probably struggling with his own problems, which are leading him to distance himself from you.

Step 3

Make yourself available to your boyfriend if he needs it, but keep your distance for a while. Make sure he knows he can call you or come visit when he wants, but seek him out less. By making yourself available, he understands that he can come to you if he needs to, but it also gives him some space to think.

Step 4

Slow your relationship down for a while to make him feel more relaxed. For example, if there has been talk of moving in together, step back from making plans to give him space. Return to the light conversation topics you enjoyed when you first started dating.

Step 5

Learn some new skills or pursue some new interests. If his distance is a result of boredom with your relationship, learning new and interesting things may rekindle his interest in you.

Step 6

Show attention to detail by keeping yourself and your living space clean. Having a comfortable, clean living space can inspire him to visit you more often. Looking your best can help keep his eyes trained on you.

Step 7

Live your own life and carry on with your own interests. A man may become distant because he feels crowded or rushed in a relationship. Maintaining your own interests and friends helps give you some much needed space in the relationship.

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