How to Make Awkward Moments Between Boyfriend & Girlfriend Go Away

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Awkward moments happen to everyone -- even couples in romantic relationships may experience awkwardness, especially in the beginning. While avoiding awkward moments can be challenging, keep in mind that these moments pass quickly. Remember, neither of you enjoy these moments, so be proactive by taking steps together to reduce the occurrence of awkward moments.


Solid relationships are built on healthy communication. Be honest by telling your partner that you are aware that sometimes there are awkward moments between you. Your dating companion will probably feel better after you've brought it up -- chances are, the feeling is mutual. By being open and honest, you build common ground. This will not only make you closer but also allow you to talk about your feelings and find ways to deal with them. Next time you find yourself experiencing an uncomfortable moment with your partner, say "This is awkward. Let's move on." The silence or awkward moment will likely be an afterthought if it's addressed head-on.

Laugh About It

Sometimes laughter is the best way to handle awkward moments -- which will no longer be awkward if you can joke about them. If you learn to laugh at yourself or with someone else, you'll take these moments less seriously. By breaking the silence or tension with laughing or making a joke about the situation, you'll find that these instances are not only less frequent but also less cringe-worthy.

Fill in the Blanks

If you find that your awkward moments happen due to uncomfortable silences, try to keep the conversation going by filling in the gaps with meaningful discussion. Don't say something just to fill the void, but use this time to move the conversation in a new direction. Take some time to think about possible topics of discussion; consider talking about important things that have happened over the week or asking questions about your partner's day, for instance.

Embrace the Silence

Silence doesn't have to be awkward. Realize that your feelings of awkwardness are just a typical reaction the situation, but that you can train yourself to feel differently by taking a different perspective. When you find yourself feeling awkward, just relax. Enjoy the moment and the time spent with your partner, rather than worrying yourself with feelings of discomfort. If you focus on the positives, you may find yourself coming up with conversation and avoiding these situations all together.