How to Do a Relaxing Spa Bath at Home for Men

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There was a time when spas were strictly female territory, but the modern man now enjoys modern pampering as part of his grooming routine. In fact, The Travel Institute estimates that 29 percent of spa-goers are male. But spas can be expensive and hard to find in less metropolitan areas. Don't let your man miss out on the spa experience just because he doesn't have the means to get to a swanky salon. Create a spa bath experience at home for him that is less candles and music and more relaxation and attention.

Skip the candles, music and bubbles for a man's spa bath. The feminine touches may make him feel uncomfortable and not able to fully relax. Instead, prepare the bathroom by dimming the lights and offering a couple of men's magazines for reading while the spa bath is taking place so that he feels a little more comfortable with the treatment.

Fill a warm bath and add a few drops of an essential oil that you think will help your man relax. Mint is energizing, while lavender is relaxing. Grapefruit and orange can promote feelings of well being, notes, while sandalwood creates a masculine scent. Add a cup of milk to the bath, suggests the Men's Flair website, so that the bath is moisturizing without being too girlie. Instruct him to stay in the bath and relax for at least 20 minutes.

Help your man to dry off and get dressed in a soft robe or pajamas. Then, present him with an old-fashioned shave kit, complete with brush and shave cream. Allow him to do the actual shaving, as he'll likely prefer to do it himself. Offer a moisturizing aftershave cream to finish the job, and then have him sit in a comfortable chair.

Offer a masculine pedicure complete with relaxing foot massage. He likely won't protest as soon as you place his feet in a warm foot bath. If you don't have a foot bath, just have him place his feet in a tub with 2 or 3 inches of water. Buff the nails gently with an emery board, and use a pumice stone to smooth out any rough calluses. Remove his feet from the bath, dry them off and massage an emollient foot cream into the skin.

Finish the spa bath experience with a massage. Moisten your hands with a little sweet almond oil, and then glide them over his back as he lays facedown on his bed. Concentrate on areas of strain, like the lower back, shoulders and neck. Allow him to fully relax as the end to his spa bath treatment, and let him rest for a while afterward.