How to Keep a Man's Interest Without Seeming Too Eager

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Keeping a man's interest without seeming too eager is a tricky thing to do. While you do not want to appear uninterested and cause him to move on from discouragement, you do not want him to perceive you as clingy or needy, either. A man wants to know that you can live independently of him but also want him in your life. There are a few ways you can be mysterious without being downright confusing to the man whose interest you want to keep.

Develop a Strong Identity

Developing a strong sense of who you are is important when it comes to keeping a man's interest. He will notice that you have many passions, and he will compete to be one of them. Having a strong sense of self demonstrates confidence as well as self-awareness, which are both good qualities for a mate to have. When you are confident enough to participate in your own activities independent of the man you like, you demonstrate that you are not too eager for his attention. He also will love that there are many different parts of your personality to explore.

Join His Activities

While a man loves a woman who has her own sense of self, he also loves it when she is willing to join him in doing the things he loves. The next time you are spending time with him, offer to do something he enjoys but would never picture you doing. You may be volunteering to play a game of soccer with him and his buddies or watch a certain movie he loves but you never wanted to watch. Whatever it is you decide to do, you will be showing him that you want to be a part of his world without completely dominating it.

Keep the Conversation Going

Having a riveting conversation with a man is another way to keep his interest while remaining mysterious. Choose a topic that involves many different viewpoints and takes some serious thought to be able to discuss. You will show that you are capable of intellectual discussion and passionate about different subject matters. Not only will he see you as a knowledgeable woman who he would love to get to know further, but he will feel challenged by your in-depth topics of discussion.

Flirt a Little

The simple act of flirting with a man will cause him to feel excited and attracted to you. If you want to catch his attention, joke around with him a little bit or flash him a flirty smile without approaching him. You will keep his interest by letting him know he makes you happy. You also will make him wonder what kind of a relationship the two of you could have if only he were to continue to pursue you.