How to Make Emotional Connections With Men

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An emotional connection is key to a successful relationship, yet it's often difficult for women to understand how to make that connection with a man. When the emotional connection goes out of a relationship, it can be difficult to get it back. It's important to foster the connection and let it build slowly and organically.

Define what emotional connection means to you. Ask yourself what you mean when you think about being emotionally connected to a man. Start with considering how deeply you are willing to share your own emotions.

Understand how a man's life experience may have differed from yours. He may have been told since childhood not to cry, made fun of if he showed any signs of weakness and been taught to fight against expressing emotions. Signs of emotion that are acceptable for girls and women often aren't for men. The man you want to connect with emotionally may need to learn to express his feelings without fear of ridicule.

Understand how men are different from women. While women tend to experience intimacy in an emotional way, men are often considerably more physical. Hand-holding, touching, sex and other physical expressions may feel like an emotional connection to a man, even if it doesn't feel that way to you. Learn to meet your man halfway, accepting his physical affection as emotional connection sometimes.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable. An emotional connection requires that both parties are able to be vulnerable to each other. You can't control whether your man allows himself to be vulnerable to you, but you can let yourself feel that way with him. Your example may help him feel comfortable showing vulnerability in return.

Pay close attention when your man speaks. Don't let his words go in one ear and out the other, but really listen. He'll notice, and chances are he'll start listening better in return. Every relationship seeks balance. If you start focusing on your listening skills instead of his lack of them, his may improve, which will deepen your emotional connection.