How to Love Your Man When He's Stressed

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It can be difficult to love a stressed-out man. But love can be shown in action. You can encourage him to get exercise, for example. This shows him you love and care. Men and women process stress differently, so using a tailored approach will strengthen your relationship and increase his respect for you. Loving your man when he is stressed creates not only short-term but long-term benefits.

Consider Emotional Differences

Understand your man's emotional complexity. Some men are slow to express emotions. Consider his need to process stress in his way. Give him time to process his emotions before asking him to talk. Honoring his space and independence gives him time to sort things out. He will respect and appreciate you for taking the time to understand how he works through his feelings.

Encourage Physical Activity

Some men feel good at various sports. A game of golf or a tennis match can offer a feeling of mastery. Generally, exercise evens mood and reduces stress, adding a valuable psychological benefit to the activity, according to The Anxiety and Depression Association of America. You can do the exercise as well, showing that you are willing to join him in an activity that improves his physical and mental health.

Play His Favorite Music

According to the American Psychological Association, men, more often than women, use music to cope. While relaxing music is likely to induce a calm state, he may need something more cathartic -- rock music. Regardless of what you play, your man will be grateful that you helped him out of a funk.


Sharing laughter not only shows love but reduces stress. Watch your favorite comedy together or tell him a joke. Regardless of what you do, infusing comedy into your relationship works as a powerful form of stress relief. According to Mayo Clinic, laughter induces and then relieves a stressful state, allowing for relaxation. Laughter also reduces tension, mitigates anxiety and increases feelings of connection. Using laughter will help your partner manage his feelings and create a long-term bond within your relationship.