How to Get Through to a Leo Man

Leos are vivacious individuals whose fickle temperament makes them difficult to tame. Though Leos lavish praise and attention, their partner needs to be level-headed, sincere, and willing to put a Leo in his place...gently, of course. When the ego means everything to a Leo, getting through to him requires finesse and sophistication.

Show signs of appreciation often. A Leo man is drawn to flattery and the high life. Compliment his clothes and decorating taste to get him to open up. Let him plan activities and thank him sincerely. Comment on his great taste of movies or restaurants. Defer to his spontaneous nature when he desires to do something adventurous.

Appeal to his ego. Explain how a certain action could benefit his overall image or reputation. For example, encourage outings to charity events based on how it will improve his image. Leos admire power and wish to gain it. Help him in this process by supporting his vision and climb to power. Attend social events with him and give gifts which show off social status like watches and designer wallets.

If you want him to do something, ask for it in a flattering way: "If you could fix the faucet, then that would be great. You're so good with handy work; I wish I knew how to do those things!" Do not command; implore instead. Appealing to his talents and skills will induce him to do what you wish more than arguing with him to do something.

Do not encourage dramatic behavior. Leo men may not induce drama, but they can add fuel to a fire quickly. Diffuse the situation by walking away from a particularly nasty fight, or speak in an even, leveled tone. Trying to one-up a Leo will result in frustration. Fortunately, authors of the book "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Astrology" Madeline Gerwick-Brodeur and Lisa Lenard state that Leos forgive easily. Recognize wrong-doings and reconciliation can be a painless process.

Appeal to his need to lead. Janie Jackson states in her book, "Simply Astrology" that Leos are born leaders. Though this makes a Leo man prone to bossiness, they are swift delegators and enjoy directing others. When playing sports together, let him instruct you on how to serve or let him assist you with your backhand. He will appreciate the feeling of deference and authority, and ideally, you will improve your tennis skills with his guidance.

Maintain confidence and independence. Despite his love of flattery, a Leo man appreciates a person with a backbone. Because he values personal space and independence, he will not take kindly to a person insistent on taking all of his time and attention.

Uphold your own social life and style when dating a Leo. He will appreciate the alone time and your confidence will draw him in. explains that holding the attention of a Leo is difficult, especially romantically. A weakness of a Leo man is his inclination for beauty and pleasure, which can lead to multiple affairs. Be polite and courteous, but enigmatic.

Use humor when possible. Leos are gregarious, social individuals that appreciate a joke. Spark his curiosity by being lighthearted, good natured, and humorous. Diffuse tension through humor if you sense a flair-up.