How to Charm a Scorpio Male

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Charming a Scorpio man may seem like a challenge since he’s likely to be quite enigmatic, but for Scorpios, mystery is all part of the game. Scorpios are intense and deeply interested in uncovering hidden answers. The Scorpio man you’d like to charm may be exploring questions in the fields of medicine, research or finance. Scorpio rules the eighth house, the domain of sex, death, inheritance and taxes: everything taboo. If you’re interested in charming a Scorpio man, get ready for a wild ride; your life is about to get interesting.

Flirt Suggestively

Scorpio men are sexy and, frankly, interested in sex, so use seductive appeal to your advantage. Wear something a little suggestive when you’re around him or send him some flirty texts. You don’t have to compromise your own values about sex to charm a Scorpio, but know that the Scorpio male does like to play the flirting game. This one will understand your subtle hints and flirt back if he’s interested. Use body language to your advantage, putting your shoulders back instead of hunching forward, to signal openness and interest. Giving a sincere compliment may warm him up as well. Scorpio will appreciate your willingness to flirt and have fun.

Keep Some Things Hidden

Those born under the sign of mystery love to do some detective work, so be discerning about what you reveal to him. Even when you're flirting with him and being yourself, you don't have to reveal everything about yourself. Leave him guessing, and he’ll want to spend more time with you so he can figure you out. Make a game out of letting him draw you out of your shell. Theresa O'Rourke at "Cosmopolitan" magazine recommends giving his questions a playful dodge. When he asks if you're seeing other people, just smile and say that you're certainly not staying at home alone. O'Rourke says that his curiosity will actually increase the dopamine levels in his brain, fueling his good feelings for you, and when you finally reveal something weighty, he'll have a sense of victory. As Scorpio finds out more about you, he’ll grow to trust you, which can ultimately lead to a deep emotional bond.

Surprise Him

Nothing bores Scorpio like the same routine every day. Take him on a surprise date, and don’t tell him where you’re going. Scorpionic outings might include a trip to a haunted house, a night out at a secret underground bar, or a masquerade ball. Incorporating this playful element of secrecy into your dates will charm him. Again, just like keeping him guessing with some of the juicier details about your life, keeping him guessing about the dates will pique his curiosity, and therefore his interest. Plus, it will be fun for you, too!

Stay Grounded

Though Scorpio may be intense and unpredictable, those born while the sun is in the complementary zodiac sign of Taurus are patient and dependable. Sometimes opposites attract, and the Scorpio man needs his partner to be steady and grounded while he’s emotional and deep. Taurus, ruled by Venus, is also a lover of sensual pleasures, so surround your Scorpio with fine wine and good food, and remind him of the merits of good earthly satisfaction.