How to Get a Guy to Not Stop Thinking About You

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Guys have a funny way of showing you how they feel. Some are very shy and couldn’t imagine giving you a play-by-play of their emotions. Some will wait it out and see how vested in getting to know him you are. No matter what kind of guy you have, you can stay on his mind all the time by pulling a few tricks out of your sleeve.

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Dress your best so you look irresistible at all times. Perfecting your look is something you should do anyway, as it will improve your self esteem. Also, when he notices that you’re happy in your own skin and are confident with yourself, it will drive him wild. Make an effort to wear a cute little outfit or embrace your natural curls when you’re around him as opposed to thinking about out all of your flaws.

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Communicate with him often so you’re always be on the top of his mind. Relieve him of the responsibility to always be the one who keeps communication going between the two of you. Send him a flirty text message or give him a call in the middle of the day just to see how he’s doing.

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Don’t be afraid to act like a boy. Be yourself even if that means playing football, eating pizza and drinking beer. You can still be ladylike but you don’t want to come across as uptight and fake if you’re not consistent. Let him feel like he will get to know the real you. Give in to him to do a few things that he really loves to do like tossing around a baseball, if it’s something you ultimately will like as well.

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Do things to show him you care about him. Pamper him every once in a while and give all your attention on him. Dropping off lunch to him at work, inviting him to events and asking to spend time with him are sure ways to get him thinking about you.

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Keep mystery in your dealings with him. Hold back some of your best qualities so you keep him guessing. From what you wear to what you say, give him a reason to continue talking to you by keeping the goods in reserve.

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Let him know how you feel about him. Guys are always pressured to express their feelings and emotions and rarely get the chance to be chased. Take charge by telling him you’re definitely interested in him. Give him the details on special traits that you particularly like.