How to Physically Attract Men

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It can be difficult to figure out what’s most attractive to a man. You wonder if it’s your legs, your long and flowing hair, the come-hither look in your eyes or your smile. So you work on all of these things. Next, you hear it’s your personality and your attitude, so you work on these attributes. Listen to the guys as they reveal what they find most physically attractive about women.

Your Looks

No matter where you are -- standing in line to buy groceries or getting ready to participate in a 5K run -- as long as you are put together, that hot guy waiting in line will notice you. It’s not necessary for you to be the world’s best-looking woman. All you need to do is take some time and style your hair attractively and brush on some light cosmetics. Spritz on just a little perfume, and slip a pair of earrings on. If you’re well put together, that guy will notice you, according to men on the "Betty Confidential" website.

What’s Covered Up

If you’re wearing a zipped-up workout jacket with a T-shirt underneath, the guys will notice. They’ll wonder what’s hidden under the jacket and shirt. Guys love to wonder about what’s waiting underneath your clothes, so don’t jump right into the big reveal when you go out. Trying to dress in an overtly sexual manner might backfire on you, so exercise a little caution when you’re getting ready to go out dancing with your friends.

Being Physically Active

Men love it when a woman is physically active. It’s not enough for some when you sit quietly on the couch, watching television or reading. Even if you’re not especially skilled at running or dancing, get up and move around. If the guy you’re interested in is physically active, this is something the two of you share.

Your Smile

When that good-looking guy sees you smiling and enjoying your day, he’s bound to feel a physical attraction to you. Your smile tells him that you’re confident about yourself and ready to have fun. For some guys, your smile can be considered sexy. So before you go out, find something that puts that sparkle in your eyes and makes you smile right from your heart.

Your Attitude

When you carry yourself with confidence, know who you are, what you like, and you’re connecting with those around you, you’re attractive to others, including the guys. Men can sense when you’re able to share yourself with those around you. When you’re not interested in connecting with someone who’s approached you, you’re likely to be honest with that person, without being rude.

Your Eyes

In a 2011 article, "Your Tango" and two other relationship websites reported that 20,000 men who were surveyed ranked a woman’s eyes as No. 6 on a list of the attributes they first find the most attractive. As the relationship grows, personality traits and your ability to communicate well become more important to them and your eyes fall to the 10th spot, according to "Your Tango." So when you’re looking for a new relationship, go ahead and emphasize your eyes with cosmetics -- but, as your new relationship becomes something long term, show your boyfriend your big heart.

Well-Applied Makeup

As you peer into your mirror in the morning, take the time to apply foundation, blush, eye shadow, mascara and your eyeliner carefully. Use restraint -- too much makeup turns a guy off. But subtle, well-applied makeup can enhance your natural good looks. Blend the foundation, blush and eye shadow so your date or boyfriend won’t see obvious lines.