How to Get a Boyfriend in a Day

A friend from another state is coming to town and wants to see this hot guy you've been dating and bragging about. The problem is he's non-existent. Now you have one day to come up with a bona fide boyfriend. The good news is that the best way to get a boyfriend in a day is to be natural and have fun.

List your potential boyfriends according to the ones you're most attracted to, making sure they're single. Time is limited to the one day, so if you know someone is interested in you and you want to get to know him better, put him at the top of the list. Keep the list realistic, and place the guys who are already good friends near the top.

Invite a group of friends to get together, adding as many potential boyfriends to the event as possible. Make sure the event is informal so no one feels awkward. If you're uncomfortable calling some of the guys, ask a girlfriend to help you make calls. Beaches, malls and bowling alleys are great hangouts for this sort of gathering.

Greet everyone by name as they show up, looking directly into the eyes of your list toppers and flashing a big, natural smile that reaches your eyes. Observe the crowd interactions for a few minutes so you can figure out which potential boyfriend is gravitating toward you.

Pick a potential boyfriend and start a conversation with him. Ask him about his day or something about his personal interests since people tend to like talking about themselves. Ask him about topics you're genuinely interested in so he can pick up on your enthusiasm.

Lean forward, keep eye contact, make appropriate comments when applicable and keep it real as you talk to the guy. Remember, physical contact is great when it's not overdone, so reach out and touch his arm every once in a while, and stand or sit close to him.

Remove yourself with a polite excuse if you feel uncomfortable with him at any point in your conversation, or if he seems to distance himself from you. Remember, you only have one day, so get right back in the game and start conversing with the next person on your list until you find a potential boyfriend you click with.

Verbalize your feelings when you find your guy and you sense that he's interested in you. Tell him you're interested in him as a boyfriend.