How to Talk to a Boy You Like for the First Time

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Talking to a boy you like for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience. You want to make a good impression but may worry about what he thinks of you or fear that he will reject you. It's natural to feel anxious because you are venturing into unknown territory. Fortunately, there are many ways to start a conversation with someone that will make a good impression, without making you feel too vulnerable.

Step 1

Ask the boy you like to do something for you, suggests psychologist Jeremy Nicholson in his December 2011 article "Break the Ice" for "Psychology Today." Keep it simple. Ask him to pass you a straw. If you're in a cafe, ask him to watch your coat while you go to the restroom. Saying "thank you" with a smile gives you a natural conversation starter. He may take the lead from here.

Step 2

Show the boy you like you are interested in getting to know him by asking him a question about himself. Putting the spotlight on him will make you feel in control, Nicholson says. Keep it natural and nonjudgmental. If you see him in the library, ask him what his favorite book is. If you spot him at the mall, ask him what he's shopping for. Act interested in his response and carry on the conversation from there. Reveal a little about yourself to show him how great you are. If you only ask questions about him and don't give him any insight into your personality, he may think you're boring.

Step 3

Remember that body language is an important part of any conversation. It could be argued that it doesn't really matter what you say because your body language will have more of an effect. Use eye contact to tell a guy you are interested if you are too shy to do it with words, suggests the "Cosmopolitan" team. While you're talking to him, scan his face with your eyes in the shape of a deep triangle. Start with one of his eyes, move across to the other, then look down the length of his neck, says body language and relationships expert Tracey Cox in the September 2008 article "Decode His Body Language" for "Cosmopolitan." Glance at his mouth every so often to let him know you're thinking about kissing him. These subtle signs will hopefully let him know you like him and encourage him to make the next move.