What Are the Signs Your Boyfriend Is Ashamed of Dating You?

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Sometimes when you’re dating a guy, you just have that nagging feeling that you might like him a little more than he likes you. He might refuse to hold your hand while walking down the street, or you might meet only at his house because he’s “so busy.” Maybe he’s been avoiding having you meet his friends or he seems to criticize you more than he compliments. These are some sure signs that he’s not into you.

He Won't Do PDA

If he won’t hold your hand in public, kiss you on the cheek or put his arm around you, he’s showing you that he doesn’t want other people to know that you are his girlfriend. The same goes for his public social media accounts: if he’s still “single” on Facebook, refuses to change his status to reflect your relationship and doesn’t interact with you or talk about you online, he’s keeping the relationship pretty secret.

He Doesn’t Introduce You

He might be ashamed to date you if you’ve been together for a while, but you’ve never met his friends or family. Or, almost worse, when he does introduce you to people he introduces you as a friend instead of a girlfriend. A guy should want everyone to meet his girlfriend when he thinks she’s great. If he keeps his social life pretty separate from yours, he’s hiding you away instead of showing you off.

He’s Never Available

Another red flag comes up if he’s never available for a real date, out in public. When you want to go to a nice restaurant for a romantic dinner, he suggests lunch at an out-of-the-way sandwich shop. When you call him to get together, he’s not available until midnight. If he can’t make plans in advance and you spend most of your time at his house or yours, he’s not fully invested in the relationship.

He Criticizes Constantly

If every little thing you wear, say or eat meets with a negative comment from him, he’s overly critical of you. Similarly, if he disrespects your choices and major values -- from religion to politics -- he’s not interested in being sensitive to your needs. He’s crossing a line into verbal abuse here, and whatever reason he has for convincing himself that he should be ashamed of you, it’s not good enough. Find someone who does appreciate you.