How Should a Real Boyfriend Treat You?

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What you might expect or are accustomed to in the guy you are with may be significantly different from how your boyfriend should really treat you. Based on too many negative experiences, some individuals may not really know what to expect from a partner when they finally experience a healthy relationship. Although there are definitely individual differences among all men, there are some essential aspects of how a real boyfriend should relate to his significant other.

Only Have Eyes for You

A true boyfriend fully grasps the concept of exclusivity in his relationship with you. The difference between a boyfriend and a guy you are casually dating is the mutual understanding that each is the sole intimate partner for the other. A true boyfriend will not hit on other women or pursue any other intimate relationship -- whether or not he is in your presence -- because he is completely devoted to you.

Make You Feel Special

A boyfriend should make efforts to ensure that his girl feels loved and appreciated, notes Teens Health. This does not mean that he must necessarily be an overly sensitive person. Paying you compliments should come naturally. He will want to do things to make you happy; this could even be little things such as buying your favorite chocolate or bringing you breakfast before school. He will try to make the most of special occasions such as Valentine’s Day and birthdays, even if he is not very good with remembering dates. He will try to do more of what he knows you like and less of what you do not.

Has Trust in You

A real boyfriend will not be insecure in your interactions with other people. He should feel secure in the bond that you both share. Therefore, he should not become jealous of that team member or classmate that you happen to Skype or message now and then. He can trust both himself and you to be able to carry on healthy and non-threatening interactions outside of your relationship.

Respects You

A real boyfriend is respectful of his girlfriend’s opinions and rights as a woman. This will be evident in the way he addresses you and his attitude towards you. This does not mean, however, that he must agree with everything you do and say. He is not intentionally insulting. He will not view you as someone to be dictated to or dominated. A high level of respect will also make him more cooperative in reaching compromises and finding mutual solutions to problems that may arise.

Openly Shares

Researcher Letitia Anne Peplau, as revealed in the book "Close Relationships," found that men are just as willing to self disclose and communicate within a dating relationship as women are. A good boyfriend will be open in communicating his plans and goals and even his feelings. He understands that you are now operating as a unit and no longer as two separate individuals.